Resumé Bootcamp: Coming soon!

Below you will find a list of my current offerings. Please contact me for rates.


Most businesses and nonprofits are good at talking about what they do, but not so good at talking about why they do it. Every day, you have to communicate to the world why you exist, and it's harder to articulate than you ever realized. One session with me will have your team thinking about their purpose in a new way, which will let you find new clients and customers with ease.

Resumé coaching sessions

Many of my clients start with their resumé, when they are planning on looking for a job or switching to a new field. My series of in-depth blog posts will give you a glimpse into the kinds of things I discuss with my clients. For some clients, the resumé is a natural transition into their LinkedIn profile, while other clients choose to continue working on their writing goals, such as starting a blog, writing more impactful emails, or even ideating around that book they’ve always wanted to write.

Executive Bios

As a coach, my first instinct is to help my clients do it themselves (whatever 'it' is), but sometimes there just isn't the time. If you need a bio now, my experience as a coach will help me understand your authentic professional self in practically no time, enabling me to write an authentic and impactful bio that you can share before presentations, speeches, or on your website.